Utilize AI to read documents, enhance data, and fund invoices in seconds

Save time and money utilizing Brightbolt’s OCR capability to scan documents in seconds, creating dynamic data that can be pushed into your factoring software.

One software to help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and save time.

Brightbolt’s technology ends paperwork drudgery, providing a robust set of features that help you automate repetitive tasks by scanning your documents to increase your team’s capacity, and eliminate human error.
We built the technology from scratch, so we can customize it to fit your businesses needs.
Brightbolt is designed to learn faster than similar systems, requiring less time from your staff.
Because we own the platform, we can charge a fraction of the price of our competitors and pass the savings on to you.

The only independent solution

Because Brightbolt is independent, we won’t store or share your customer data, like our competitors do.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Stop processing invoices manually. Automate the intake process, so you can avoid human error.

Get rid of invoice fraud

Leverage our integration partners to validate invoices and confirm transportation pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

Increase invoice purchases

Brightbolt instantly increases your team's capacity, allowing you to buy a fund more invoices.

Keep your data private

We won’t store or share your data, so what’s yours, stays yours.

Eliminate human error

No need to spend 100’s of hours manually auditing your team’s work. Process invoices the same way, every time.

And More

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